Ngotiator connects NGOs (non-profit organizations), companies and organisations to collaborate and share knowledge by initiating and supporting future projects that return humanity to people in crisis.

We offer our network, knowledge, experience and financial support to large and small NGOs in order to provide structural change in the lives of people in crisis. At the same time, we increase public awareness and understanding.


Ngotiator is striving towards a world where people, companies, and organizations join forces and initiate creative solutions for crisis situations.

There are millions of NGOs worldwide. These NGOs employ thousands of people and have decades of experience in emergency situations. When put together, they raise billions of euros each year to make the world a better place. In the Netherlands alone, plans are to spend 120 million on humanitarian aid between 2015 and 2017.

This means that we have a lot of money and a lot of knowledge – why is this not being bundled? The humanitarian playing area is a competitive market, something that makes partnerships between different charities a challenge. This level of internal competition has not helped either the efficiency or performance of emergency relief.

Many NGOs work with the same values and principles that cause shortages, wars, and poverty: money, power, and status. However, we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them (Einstein). By initiating creative projecting, we bring NGOs, companies, and organizations together to bundle knowledge and forces . This helps us increase the positive impact on people in crisis situations.

Ngotiator focuses on providing long-term relief efforts. We strive towards a situation where we empower people, allowing them to control their own destiny. We believe that this is the only sustainable road towards a smooth integration and a happy future.

We believe:

“Humanitarian aid isn’t adapting to new challenges, while the world is changing fast. UN agencies and large INGOs should reorient their activities away from direct implementation, taking on a more enabling role. Such a shift would support national and local organisations to undertake crisis response roles on their own. This requires channelling funds to and rewarding staff for collaborating with local organisations.”

From the report “Time to let go: a proposal to change the humanitarian system” by the Humanitarian Policy Group (HPG) [https://www.odi.org/hpg/remake-aid/]

How we work:

We do not work with proactive marketing where fundraising is concerned. We spend a minimal amount on publicity, marketing, and/or fundraising. We focus on new ways of funding by offering products and services. We added value by making connections, sharing knowledge, and generating new partnerships.

Our values:

We always seek out partnerships
We believe that sharing knowledge and information is more valuable than money
We believe in sharing rather than owning
We believe that money, power, and status are less important than reaching our goal.